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bottom zayn focs? x

I always have bottom Zayn focs babe ;)

Comic books

Why don’t we just pretend?

Walk all over me

Who’s your lover?

Bend it over for me

Superman bedsheets


Liam wants attention. Maybe he wants it to much because he flirts with anyone he can just to make Zayn jealous and he succeeds, resulting in him, handcuffed to the bed and Zayn teasing him without mercy.

do you have any of a size kink?

just a little taste leave you begging for more

Swing low, Suck deep

any over simulation or frottage please?

Over Stimulation :

paint my feelings on the ceiling


Right there

A little birthday gift


ok but before u unfollow me we gotta do a duet of ‘gotta go my own way’ sorry i dont make the rules 

Only you know just how to work it

Zayn sees a video he’s not suppose to, and the images never really leave his mind

Sticky fingers

Zayn hadn’t believed Harry when he said it. It just didn’t make sense. What straight guy would enjoy fingers or other objects being stuck up their arse unless they were gay?

In which Zayn experiments with fingering but quickly realizes, that’s not HIS finger…

Do u have any kinks?

Personally I like toys, bondage, teasing and overstimulation

Daddy kinks please!






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I remember one I read on ao3 where Zayn was a girl and was always at the library and Liam worked in the library. There was background Larry and at one point Zayn went to New York and she did this thing where she read a piece of poetry while getting off and Louis sent the link so Liam and they end up fucking. I can't remember what the name is though.

fuck i read this one but i can’t remember the title i’ll try finding it.. xx


So I was reading this one shot a while ago and it was like Harry or something talking to Zayn about fingering himself or something and saying it just gave more pleasure so it wasn't gay, and then Zayn was trying it and Liam walked in and f*cked him That's the best description I can give xD

hmm i don’t remember this one maybe one of my followers can help you

laila xx